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a cute photo of too dogs wearing wag! bandanas - cover for a story on the new app that allows people to walk other peoples dogs!

Dog owners/lovers, this one is for you! There are days that the office needs you, there are days you just can't be at home all the time and that means leaving you pup alone. And that also means that sometimes their walks aren't until later in the evening. But wouldn't it be amazing if by a click of a button someone you trust could walk your dog and take him out just for a little while? We've all thought of this but never have actually done anything about it. Until now!

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Eyes as the window to evolution. 
You can learn quite a bit by studying how and why animals use their vision. Science writer, Ed Yong, wrote a fascinating article on National Geographic that explores the evolution of eye anatomy and examines the role that a creature's environment plays in the development of eye function and appearance. "The variety of tasks that eyes perform is limited only by the fecundity of nature," Yong writes. "They represent a collision between the constancy of physics and the messiness of biology." Yong's article was accompanied by incredible close-up images by photographer David Liittschwager that illustrate the diverse biology of various animal eyes.

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an indian british actress holding up one of her cats - cover for a story about actress alia bhatt and her love of cats

Who is Ali Bhatt? Well, the 24-year-old is not just a millennial superstar. She is a British Indian film actress and singer who works in Bollywood. But, the talented and glamorous performer has another side. A side we can all relate too… she is just another obsessed cat mom!

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